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1-on-1 Personal Training

Once you’ve booked your initial Health & Fitness Assessment and Coach Seana has all the necessary information, you’re able to book your Training appointment with her. You will be sent a Zoom link an hour before your training. Please make sure to get warm 5 minutes before training on your own and be prepared to start right in on time! :)

40 minutes

$ 77.00

Goal Setting & CHECK IN

Need a reset? Need to revisit your goals? Want to just check in and get some accountability? Are you self-sabotaging? Gaining weight? Just want to chat with Coach Seana, get things off your chest or figure out why you keep revisiting the patterns over and over again? No matter what you want to discuss, this is a chance for you to sit and chat and let Coach Seana, help you find Consciousness in your day to day, be your Authentic self and find Love & Meaning in your LIFE. :) NO TOPIC is off limits. They’re all connected!

20 minutes

$ 37.00

Health & Fitness Assessment

We will use Zoom to discuss the following:

  • Health & Medical History including surgeries
  • Nutrition History
  • Fitness Background
  • Injuries & how they’re healing
  • Current pain on your body
  • We will examine your current nutrition and supplements
  • We will discuss your current goals
  • We’ll do a small online fitness assessment
  • We’ll create the program that’s right for you based on a variety of elements including schedule for both of us, availability, goals, desire, commitment level and finances. There are many ways for us to work together!
    Looking forward to meeting with you soon.
    Once you book, you’ll get a Zoom for our meeting within a few hours.
    If you would like an additional moment on our INBODY machine, please book that as well. That would be in person. We can combine both the Health & Fitness Assessment and the Inbody meeting as well if you’d like.

40 minutes

$ 57.00

"INBODY" Body Fat & Muscle Assessment

We’ll use the amazing Inbody machine to get everything you need to know about your Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Water and more…
What does your weight really represent? When you step on a scale, you can’t see how much muscle or fat you have. All you see is how heavy you weigh.

Go beyond the scale with the InBody Test, a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water on an InBody Result Sheet. An InBody Test can take anywhere from 15-120 seconds, depending on the model used.

No more pinching. No more dunking. Get results you can trust so you can reach your health and fitness goals with precision and actionable objectives.

Click here to check out the machine and what it does:

Do you want to take a InBody Test?

And then click to schedule with me. ;)

20 minutes

$ 37.00

Primal Pattern Diet Typing Assessment

This questionnaire is designed to help you determine the optimal macro nutrient ratio (fats:proteins:carbohydrates) to begin the process of fine-tuning your body’s feedback mechanisms. For those of you not sure what a fat, protein or carbohydrate is, let me simplify that for you. If the food comes from something that has a set of eyes, it is going to be higher in fats and proteins; fats and proteins most often come together in nature. For example, cows, sheep, birds and fish all have eyes and all provide higher protein/fat foods. Foods like vegetables, breads and cereals do not come from a source that had a set of eyes and are generally much higher in carbohydrates and lower in fat and protein. There are a few exceptions to this rule; such as, nuts and avocados, which have no eyes, yet are high fat foods.

When answering the questions, select the answer that best describes the way you feel, not the way you think you should eat! If none of the answers suit you with regard to a particular question, simply don’t answer that question. If the answer A suits you some of the time (in the morning, but not the evening for example), and answer B suits you other times, you may select both provided that the answers refer to how you may feel on any given day, not within a period of over 24 hours.

We will meet up to review your answers and if you’d like discuss a course of action for moving forward through a better eating plan.

20 minutes

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